How my copy editing and proofreading process works

I make it simple for you to get your work professionally edited and proofread.

Understand my editing services

There's a lot of information on the site about the editing and proofreading services I provide. You can get an instant quote, read information on my various services, and learn about my areas of expertise.

Get an instant quote or contact me

Provide your requirements

  • I'll establish the title, topic, and nature of your writing, the type of service you need, and your deadlines.

  • I'll also ask for any special instructions or requirements you have.

  • When you send me your document, I'll confirm the price and send you an invoice for the price we've agreed.

Receive completed work

  • I will carry out editing and proofreading for you. I will track changes in Word and use the comment function to ask questions about your work or to provide advice.

  • I will then read through your work a second time to ensure a high-quality edit and proofread.

  • I’ll send back two versions of your edited work (if you’ve provided the original in Word):  

    • A tracked version that contains all of the editing I've done so you can see exactly what I've changed.

    • A clean version that has all of the changes accepted so you can see how the edited document looks now.

    • Both versions will contain the same questions and comments.

  • If you provide work in a Google Doc, you can check the version history to see what I’ve changed.

Ongoing support and aftercare

  • I continue to provide editorial support and aftercare even after returning your work.

  • If you make any changes to your work as a result of my comments and questions, you can send your work back to me and I'll carry out minor re-edits on those parts of the document for no extra charge.

  • If you have any further questions or comments about your work, you can contact me and I'll provide answers and advice.

  • I'll work with you until you have the fully edited, high-quality piece of work you need.