Pricing for my copy editing and proofreading services

Thank you for requesting a price for me to proofread and copy edit your work. I’ve designed my quote form to be as simple as possible — just enter the total number of words you want me to edit, and tell me if you need any special considerations. The price shown is your fully inclusive editing quote.

What’s included in your proofreading and copy editing quote

Here’s what my services include:

When you need special or extra editing

You’ll notice there’s an option in the quote form asking if your work needs special editing. You should choose “yes” if any of the following are true:

  • You’re asking me to edit and proofread work in a format other than a Word or Google document.

  • You’re not a native English speaker.

  • You need me to follow a particular style guide or brand guidelines.

  • You’re sending your work in multiple sections, instead of as one document.

  • You need me to copy text from elsewhere, like your website, before editing it.

  • You want me to localize your content from US to UK English or vice-versa.

  • Your work will require substantial additional editing effort.

If you’re not sure if your work needs special editing, please let me know and I will be happy to clarify.

When to include special instructions for editing

There’s a box for you to enter special instructions. Please use this to provide details if you want something other than a straightforward copy edit and proofread. Examples of special instructions are:

  • If you want me to edit to UK English (I edit to US English as standard).

  • If you have a particular style or brand guide you want me to follow.

  • If you’re working to special instructions from someone else and you want me to edit with that in mind.

  • If you want me to follow particular formatting or frameworks when editing your work.

  • If you have any other unusual requirements.

Frequently asked questions about my proofreading and copy editing prices

Here’s some more information on my copy editing and proofreading rates.

Do you charge more for returning work quickly?

I always return work as soon as I can, depending on my schedule and how much other work is already booked. I don’t charge a rush fee and I don’t delay or hold on to work once I’ve completed editing and proofreading. The sooner you submit your work to me, the faster I’ll return it.

How quickly can you return work?

I can generally edit around 8,000 words a day and aim to return most work within five business days. When you request a quote from me, let me know when you’d like the work back. We’ll agree on a deadline, and I’ll return the work to you on or before that date.

Are your proofreading and copy editing prices expensive?

My prices reflect my expertise and experience as an editor, the quality I add to your work, and the comprehensive services I provide. I’m certainly not the least expensive freelancer, but I believe my rates are fair for the level of insight and editing that I provide. If you want cheap proofreading and editing, there are plenty of other options — just be aware that you get what you pay for.

What happens after I submit the quote form?

I’ll automatically send you a copy of your proofreading and editing quote. I’ll also review your quote and email or call you to discuss next steps. Once you’ve decided to go ahead, I’ll send you an invoice from my business, Freelance Editorial services LLC. After that’s paid, I will complete the work for you and return it as agreed.

How can I pay for your editing services?

I will raise an invoice and send it through to you. Full instructions on how to pay will be included and you can make payment via credit card, debit card, bank transfer, direct deposit, or PayPal.

Is there a minimum fee?

Yes, and that’s included in the quote form above.

Do you provide discounts?

If you become a regular client, I may offer ongoing discounts at my discretion. I don’t provide discounts the first time you use my services, as I prefer to encourage and reward an ongoing working relationship.

Do you provide free editing samples?

I do not provide free editing samples, but have a nominal fee for editing up to around 1,500 words. You’re welcome to send through a shorter document as a cost-effective way of trying my services.

Can I get further information?

Of course, just get in touch and I’d be happy to help.