Editing aftercare, support, and reassurance

Editing aftercare, support, and reassurance

You need a proofreader and copy editor you can trust, and part of that reassurance is knowing I’ll take care of your work from beginning to end. That’s why I provide a unique “aftercare” service as standard. If you make minor changes, edits, or rewrites to your work as a result of my advice, suggestions, or feedback, I will recheck and proofread those sections again at no extra charge.

Here’s how the aftercare service works:

  1. You send your work through to me for copy editing and proofreading.

  2. I make changes to your work and provide advice and suggestions.

  3. This feedback might include rewriting, clarifying, or expanding certain sections.

  4. You make those changes in the document and highlight them.

  5. You send the work back to me.

  6. I copy edit, proofread, and sense-check those highlighted areas.

  7. I return the completed work to you.

You get peace of mind knowing that I will complete a final check on your work. Aftercare comes as standard with all of my proofreading and copy editing services, and there’s no extra charge.

What I recheck, edit, and proofread as part of my aftercare service

Here’s what’s covered:

  • Clarification - If I've requested clarification and you've rewritten part of your content as a result, I'll check the additional content.

  • Questions - If I've asked a specific question in the document and you've answered it, I can review that part of the document for you.

  • Explanation - If I've asked you to expand upon or explain a certain part of your content in more detail, I'll check it.

  • Rewriting - I'll sometimes request a rewrite of some of the document (if I can't do the rewriting myself). In these cases, I'll check the rewritten parts.

Frequently asked questions on aftercare and support

I’ve answered some of the more common questions about my aftercare and support services below. If your question isn’t covered, please get in touch and I’d be happy to help.

Is there any charge for providing aftercare and support?

I provide aftercare as standard when you ask me to proofread or copy edit your writing. There’s no extra charge.

What’s included in aftercare?

I will check and correct any reasonable changes you make to your work as the direct result of our editing or comments. For example, if I ask you to clarify a key point and you do so, I will check and correct the new wording - both for grammar and for sense.

Are there any limits on aftercare?

I only provide aftercare for changes you make as a result of advice or suggestions I have provided. I offer free aftercare so long as your changes do not significantly increase the word count of your work. If you add in lots of extra writing or information, I may make an additional charge, in which case I would let you know, but that’s rare.

What isn’t included in aftercare?

  • Changes and revisions to your work not made as the result of my editing or comments.

  • Wholesale rewrites of your work.

  • Re-editing large amounts (at my discretion) of your work.

  • If I believe that substantial re-editing is required that wouldn’t be included under my aftercare service, I will contact you.

How do I use the aftercare service?

  • Please make any changes to the clean, edited version of your work.

  • Please highlight the part(s) that you have changed by using the highlighter tool in Word or using different color font.

  • Reply to the email from me, attaching your amended work; I’ll carry out the aftercare quickly and return it to you.

Do I need to highlight changes I have made?

Yes. Please use the highlighting function in Word or Google Docs to show where you’ve changed content and leave the original comment in place.

Where can I find out more?

You can find out how I work with you, and about confidentiality, payments, retainer work, non-disclosure agreements, etc. in our terms and conditions. I promise they’re easy to read, and they’re full of information. If you have questions about your individual needs, please get in touch and I’ll be happy to answer them.

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