Turn good writing into great results


Professional, personalized editing and proofreading transforms your writing so you get the results you want. I’m an expert freelance editor who will turn your words into powerful content that lets your ideas and important points shine through. My services provide complete copy editing, proofreading, reassurance, guidance, and advice — so you can relax and focus on what you do best.

I’m here with a simple promise — I’ll understand what you want your writing to achieve, edit your work so it’s perfect for your audience, and strengthen your ideas, approach, and expertise.


Why I only start editing after I learn about your work

You’re writing to accomplish a specific goal, and my job as an editor is to give you the best chance at success. It’s vital for me to understand the context of your work, so I can tailor my proofreading, copy editing, and advice to your exact needs. I edit the work with your audience in mind, focus on what will work for them, and strengthen your writing to get those key points across.


How I help you get the results you want

Anyone can proofread your grammar, spelling, or punctuation. Great editing goes beyond that, giving you guidance and advice to bring your work to life. I’ll help you clarify key information, copy edit your work so it flows smoothly from one point to the next, remove ambiguity and duplication, and check for consistency and conciseness. I never compromise your tone or approach, so your unique voice comes through.


What to expect when you work with me

With over 20 years of professional editing experience, and more than 10 years running my own freelance editing business, I have a wide range of expertise across many subjects. That experience also informs how I work with you — expect the highest-quality editing combined with a fast, easy, reliable approach for your peace of mind. I provide personalized editing to every client and services that build trust between you and me and you and your audience.

Complete copy editing and proofreading services

There are no shortcuts to great proofreading and copy editing, that’s why I offer a complete range of editing services, tailored to your exact needs.

I specialize in non-fiction editing across several areas

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