Business copy editing, explained

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Business copy editing is the process of reviewing, revising, and enhancing business content including reports, website copy, ebooks, documents, emails, marketing materials, advertising, social media posts, company blog posts, and more. A business content writer or copywriter provides content to a copy editor who strengthens the writing, enhances key points, ensures readability and consistency, removes duplication and ambiguity, and improves understanding and organization.

Why do you need business copy editing services?

When you start your business, your content and marketing materials are a vital part of differentiating you from the competition. Whether it’s the monthly issue of the company newsletter, your sales pages, a presentation, or an internal report, you need to present your business in the best possible way.

Of course, if you’ve spent hours writing content, it’s easy to overlook errors. A professional business editor will review your content objectively and make dramatic improvements so it’s perfect for your audience.  

Businesses will use copy editors to:

  • Refine and focus business content so it explains all the key ideas, points, features, functions, benefits, and services you want to get across.

  • Make the content more actionable so that readers respond by requesting further information or buying a product or service.

  • Ensure consistency throughout the content, especially if it’s been written, reviewed, or edited by multiple people.

  • Improve the outline, structure, and flow of the content so it moves smoothly from point to point.

  • Strengthen the copy so it makes a great first impression with your audience.

What does business copy editing do?

A business copy editor will review your content and change the wording of weak sentences, ensure it follows a clear outline, enhance the tone of voice and style, and improve the clarity and readability.

Enhance the structure and outline

If your content looks like a big, unreadable block, a business copy editor can divide the piece into segments using headings and subheadings. They will incorporate lists into bullet points, separate the content into smaller, simpler paragraphs, and tidy up the writing.

Remove unnecessary content

Some words, sentences, and phrases in the copy may be too “wordy” or not match with the overall context of the piece. A business copy editor will remove irrelevant and unnecessary content so the reader can focus on your most important points.

Make your audience pay attention

If your copy doesn’t  connect with your readers, it will need some work. A business copy editor will review the whole piece and strengthen the writing so it speaks to and influences your readers.

Reduce complexity, duplication, and confusion

A business copy editor will read through your piece and understand the context, then reword it to remove anything that might confuse the reader. This includes business jargon, overwrought sentences, or wording that only makes sense with prior knowledge.

Improve tone, style, and consistency

A good business copy editor will strengthen your tone of voice and ensure it aligns with your business brand. If you’ve had two or three people working on the same piece of content, a copy editor can ensure consistency in approach and wording so it’s not jarring for the reader.

Frequently asked questions about business editing

What types of content can a business copy editor help with?

A business copy editor can enhance all types of business writing. This includes advertising and marketing materials, strategy and planning documents, website copy and landing pages, product descriptions, reviews, proposals and requests for proposals, blog posts and articles, reports, presentations, articles, newsletters and magazines, email campaigns, ebooks, brochures, white papers, and lead magnets.

Will I need to budget for business copy editing?

Yes, you will need to budget if you want to hire a professional business copy editor. Some business copy editors will charge by the hour, while others will charge a fixed fee depending on the number of words or pages in your content. Business copy editing fees do vary depending on the type of content, the experience of the editor, how quickly you want your copy returned, and some other factors.

Will business copy editing completely change my initial work?

No. Copy editing services are designed to enhance your existing content so it reads better and flows well. A good business copy editor will strengthen the piece while retaining your unique brand, tone of voice, and approach.

Can I edit my own business content?

If you’re confident of your business writing, editing, and proofreading skills, then you can copy edit your own work. In most cases, though, it’s always wise to have a professional look over your content. A business copy editor has likely worked on hundreds or thousands of pieces and can provide editing, guidance, and feedback to help your copy work with your audience. Hiring a business copy editor will be money well spent.

Business copy editors, explained