Investment basics — Deciding to sell your investments (full sample)

Investment basics — Deciding to sell your investments (full sample)

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Find out when or if you should sell your investments. Learn the reasons that you might or might not want to hold onto your money. This article also explores what to do when you do decide to sell.

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Investment basics — Deciding to sell your investments

You can sell your investments in the same way that you purchased them — through your investment account or brokerage account. There are a few areas to be aware of.

Be sure you want to sell

  • Carefully consider if you want to sell your investment; there's nothing that says you must sell.

  • You could hold onto an investment for your whole life, enjoying the interim returns and then leave it for your children or others to inherit.

Reasons you might not want to sell

  • You haven't met your goal on the investment yet.

  • You don't know what to do with the money if you do sell.

  • You may have to pay a higher rate of tax on your profits if you sell in the first year.

  • There may be penalties or extra fees associated with selling now.

Reasons you might want to sell

  • You've met your goal and you need the money.

  • You think that you'll get a better return elsewhere.

  • You want to invest the money elsewhere because your risk appetite has changed (for example you might want to move to safer investments as you get older).

  • You want to minimize your losses on the investment and don't want to wait it out.

When you do decide to sell

  • Check that you understand the fees you'll need to pay, tax implications, and any regulations or penalties.

  • Sell the investment at a time that's right for you.

  • If you're selling through an online broker, use a selling order to get the right price.

Content originally written by Paul Maplesden, a freelance writer, and edited by me.

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